Agenda GoLab edition 2019

GoLab agenda 2019 edition

Keynote: An Introduction To Functional Programming In Go

Speaker: Eleanor McHugh

Easily build cross platform graphical applications with Fyne

Speaker: Andrew Williams

Beautiful I/O

Speaker: Martin Czygan

Go eBPF superpowers

Speaker: Leonardo Di Donato

Tackling contention: the monsters inside the `sync.Locker`

Speaker: Roberto Clapis

Rpc on steroids with Go and Grpc

Speaker: Federico Paolinelli

A demo of gdlv, a GUI debugger for Go

Speaker: Alessandro Arzilli

The Athens Project: A Proxy Server for Go Modules

Speaker: Aaron Schlesinger

Small is Going Big: Go On Microcontrollers

Speaker: Ron Evans

Gio: multi-platform immediate mode GUI

Speaker: Elias Naur

An insight into Go Garbage Collection

Speaker: Fabio Falzoi

Speed up the monolith building a smart reverse proxy in Go

Speaker: Alessio Caiazza

Day 1 Closing Talk: It starts with a problem

Speaker: Roberto Clapis

Keynote: You Want To Build a Web Service?

Speaker: Bill Kennedy

GoHEP: what can Go do for science?

Speaker: Sébastien Binet

Building a microservices architecture with Go

Speaker: Jorge Lorenzo

Migrating a Mission Critical Service to Go

Speaker: Hadas Yaakobovitch

Using and Writing Go Analyses

Speaker: Michael Matloob

Advanced Testing Techniques in Go

Speaker: Alan Braithwaite

Designing for failure

Speaker: Italo Vietro

Using Go Modules in everyday life

Speaker: Florin Pățan

Taming Mutexes for Concurrency

Speaker: Klaus Post

Building an event-driven notification system in Go and RabbitMQ

Speaker: Gabriele Vaccari

Go Module Proxy: Life of a Query

Speaker: Katie Hockman

Building a Serverless Platform using Go

Speaker: Grzegorz Bizon

Developing a Go API client: the do’s and don’ts

Speaker: Anthony Seure

Dynamically Instrumenting Go Programs

Speaker: Jason Keene

YAEGI, Yet Another Elegant Go Interpreter

Speaker: Marc Vertes

KubeVirt: bringing virtual machines in a Kubernetes world

Speaker: Francesco Romani

Day 3 Closing Talk: The Legacy of Go

Speaker: Steve Francia

Diversity Panel: It’s Okay to Dream and Fail Plenty

Speaker: Delphine Nyaboke

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