Steve Francia

Managing Director @ Two Sigma

My name is Steve Francia (he/him). I’ve spent the last 27 years as a software, product, and advocacy leader specializing in open source and developer experiences.

I’m best known for my leadership across several industry defining projects: The Go Language — Google’s cloud native programming language, MongoDB — the NoSQL database, Docker — the container engine, and Drupal — The CMS powering 10% of the commercial internet. I also authored Google’s Open Source Strategy and led Google Cloud developer strategy.
I love to code and have been fortunate to have created many open source projects which have gone on to capture mass attention including: Hugo — the world’s most popular static site generator, Cobra  The CLI framework for Go powering 50k+ applications, and viper — Go’s configuration framework.
My contributions to open source have led me to be one of the world’s most popular developers.
I frequently speak at conferences, podcasts, and user groups. My two best talks are Go – On the Shoulders of Giants and Drupal and the Secret of my Success. If you are interested in having me speak at your event, please contact me.
I’ve authored/co-authored two books for O’Reilly and have contributed/advised on several more — Powerful CLI applications in Go, Hugo in Action, Go in Action, and Learning Go.

Steve Francia
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Past Editions

Go VS Rust - Round table discussion

Starting a new project, which are the most relevant things that make you pick Go or Rust? It is said that Go prefers simplicity and readability over the number of features, while Rust is indeed a powerful, expressive but complex language. Do you agree with this statement? In this discussion panel, four prominent experts will attempt to find answers to these and many other challenging questions.

Closing Talk: The Legacy of Go

Closing Talk: The Legacy of Go

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