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After two years of online events, GoLab is getting back to the in presence format!
All you Gophers worldwide are welcome again here in Italy for networking to share techs and experiences. Although there will be some safety rules to follow, the pleasure to be together again is priceless. These are the events as we love them!

Tickets are online!

For the first time, GoLab and RustLab will be held together in the same location on the same days. You can buy a combo ticket and explore both the worlds of the most appreciated programming languages of the moment.
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GoLab has always been possible thanks to our AMAZING sponsors. They supported us since the beginnings and followed us in our progress through the years. They always make possible the best conference content and fabulous networking opportunities.

Sponsorship sales are open until August, 30th. Interested in sponsoring GoLab?

What they say about us

I loved the atmosphere, most of the talks, it was very informative and it gave me a lot of ideas of how to improve my Go projects.

Anton – GoLab 2018

Nice people, interesting talks, wonderful experience!

Anna – GoLab 2019

The workshop tutor is an amazing speaker and very pragmatic solutionist. An eccentric speaker like the keynotist showed us a completely different coding paradigm.

Mark – GoLab 2019

Blast from the past

Established in 2015, GoLab is one of Develer’s renowned conferences “made by developers for developers”. For this reason, its likers have been growing quickly, reaching 600 attendees in 2019. One of the most liked features of GoLab is the variety and quality of its talks, accessible to both beginners and experienced developers. The workshops are also appreciated for involving both those who have never written a line of Go in their lifetime and the super experts looking for more advanced programming techniques.

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