Jesús Espino

Software developer @ Mattermost

I'm an Open Source and software development enthusiast. I love writing code and contribute to Open Source project, and I have the privilege of being one of the starters or contributors in some interesting Open Source projects like Taiga, Penpot, Mattermost or Focalboard. I'm a big fan of learning new things, specially programming languages. I love Rust, Go, Python and Clojure, and love to deep dive into technical details. Currently I'm working mainly in Go and Typescript in Mattermost, and I keep trying to contribute to open source project whenever I can.

Jesús Espino
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This edition

Deep dive into a go binary
November 13 2024 - 14:00 (40 min )

Whenever you compile a program in Go, it generates a binary that contains your program, but... what is there?
Of course there the compiled version of your code, but what else?
Come with me to explore the inside of the go binary, the elf sections, and how they are used by our executable.

LEVEL: Advanced

Deep dive into a go binary

Past editions

Understanding the Go runtime

The Go runtime is an essential part of every single Go compiled binary. Understanding what it does for us and the price we pay for it can be interesting.

This talk will explore what the runtime does internally and what it provides to us.

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