Filippo Valsorda

Cryptomaintainer @ Go project

Filippo has been a maintainer of the Go cryptography standard library since 2018, first as leader of the Go Security team at Google, and now as a professional, full-time, independent maintainer.
He worked on the design of the Go Checksum Database and TLS 1.3. He’s also the author of some popular Go tools including the file encryption tool age, and mkcert, a tool to produce locally-trusted certificates.

Filippo Valsorda
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The job of Go maintainer

What does it mean to be a full-time maintainer? Last year, I left the Go Team at Google to become an independent professional open source maintainer. We'll talk about this experiment to establish a new more sustainable funding model for open source maintainers and how we can make it more accessible.

High-assurance Go cryptography

The cryptography standard library is arguably some of the most critical code written in Go. How do we ensure it’s safe and bug-free? We will talk about testing, fuzzing, static analysis, formal proofs, code generation, safe interfaces, complexity, and readability, with examples from across the standard library, x/crypto, and the age codebase.

Building a DIY proxy with the net package

The net package is one of the key assets of Go, and it's commonly used through higher level interfaces like net/http.

Keynote: Clearing the GOPATH to Go


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