Elias Naur

Developer @ Gio startup

Works on Gio and mobile platforms in Go.
Gio is a library for writing cross-platform immediate mode GUI-s in Go. Gio supports all the major platforms: Linux, macOS, Windows, Android, iOS, FreeBSD, OpenBSD and WebAssembly.

Elias Naur
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Past Editions

Gio: multi-platform immediate mode GUI

Gio is a new Go library for creating portable GUI programs in pure Go that runs on all the major desktops (macOS, Windows, Linux), mobile platforms (iOS, Android) as well as in the browser.

GUI programming from the ground up with Gio

In this workshop, Elias will take you all the way from an empty "func main" to a functional
GUI program that runs on your desktop, mobile and even in a browser. Along the way, you will
be introduced to the core concepts of Gio, in particular immediate mode GUIs and how common
tasks such as drawing, layout and input look like."

Write your next Android app in Go

Use Go for your next Android app. This is the hand-on experience for everyone ready to complement or in some cases even replace Java with Go in their next mobile application. Learn everything from setup of Go Mobile to a complete Android application written in Go.

The Gopher's guide to mobile apps

Perhaps you’ve never heard of Go Mobile before, or perhaps you have but never got around to trying it out. In this talk, I’ll demonstrate every step from installation to using Go in your mobile apps, from low level business logic to your UI code.

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