Sébastien Binet

Research Engineer @ CNRS/IN2P3


Sébastien Binet
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Past Editions

GoHEP: what can Go do for science?

In the world of High Energy Physics (HEP), software at large is usually written in a mixture of C++ and Python (with dwindling amounts FORTRAN).
This is the result of 2 somewhat conflicting constraints:
- software has to run fast to quickly analyze petabytes of data
- software has to be relatively easy to write (and tweaked) by people with a wide variety of programming skills
What could Go bring to the table?

GoLab is a conference made by Develer.
Develer is a company based in Campi Bisenzio, near Florence. Our motto is : "Technology to give life to your products". We produce hardware and software to create exceptional products and to improve industrial processes and people's well being.
In Develer we have passion for the new technologies and we offer our clients effective solutions that are also efficient, simple and safe for the end users. We also believe in a friendly and welcoming environment where anybody can give their contribution. This passion and this vision are what we've been driven to organize our conference "made by developers for developers".

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