Agenda Golab edition 2020

GoLab agenda 2020 edition

WORKSHOP: Integrating your Go service with the ELK stack

Speaker: Preslav Mihaylov

Pure Go Unikernels – go metal with TamaGo

Speaker: Andrea Barisani

Diving into the Go toolchain to obfuscate builds

Speaker: Daniel Martí

WORKSHOP: Game development with Go

Speaker: Tommaso Visconti

Lesson Learned: Go is not JavaScript. A year in the life of Vugu (Go+Wasm lib)

Speaker: Brad Peabody

Data Engineering in the #GOshop

Speaker: Miriah Peterson

Building Domain Specific Contexts using DSLs in Golang

Speaker: Piyush Verma

Advanced dependency management in Go using Fx

Speaker: Preslav Mihaylov

WORKSHOP: Design Patterns for Production Grade Go Services

Speaker: Fabio Falzoi

Intertype: type analysis for annotated empty interface{}s

Speaker: Sina Siadat

Face detection in Go and Webassembly

Speaker: Endre Simo

Building an event driven microservice using Kafka and MongoDB in Golang

Speaker: Salman Bilal Shah

KEYNOTE: It starts with a solution: a tale of contributions

Speaker: Roberto Clapis


Speaker: Go Team (Carmen Hernandez Andoh, Austin Clements, Katie Hockman, Ian Lance Taylor)

Network Services with HTTP and WebSockets

Speaker: Eleanor McHugh

Easily build healthy and reliable web apps using metrics and tracing

Speaker: T. Essig, C. Dietrich

Accelerating Developer Velocity: Building an API Management Platform in Go

Speaker: T. Agarwal & R. Patali

Running Go on the smallest systems with TinyGo

Speaker: Ayke van Laethem

Tests in a box: Shipping your tests in a container for fun and profit

Speaker: Federico Paolinelli

Planlagt: distribute cron work the smart way

Speaker: Björn Gerdau

Building a Command Line Tool as the Core of Your Apps

Speaker: Luca Cipriani

Building an FM radio station with Go

Speaker: Florin Pățan

Best Practices on writing a Kubernetes Operator: my lessons from Capsule

Speaker: Dario Tranchitella

CLIPSGo: an expert system shell for Go

Speaker: Kris Raney

OpenTelemetry in practice

Speaker: Ilya Kaznacheev

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