Andrea Barisani

Head of Hardware Security @ F-Secure

Andrea Barisani is an internationally recognized security researcher, founder
of security consultancy Inverse Path, now part of F-Secure where he assumed
the role of Head of Hardware Security.

Since owning his first Commodore-64 he has never stopped studying new
technologies, developing unconventional attack vectors and exploring what
makes things tick...and break.

His experiences focus on large-scale infrastructure defense, penetration
testing and code auditing with particular focus on safety critical
environments, with more than 15 years of professional experience in security

Being an active member of the international open source and security
community he contributed to several projects, books and open standards.

He is a well known international speaker, having presented at BlackHat,
CanSecWest, Chaos Communication Congress, DEFCON, Hack In The Box, among many
other conferences, speaking about innovative research on automotive hacking,
side-channel attacks, payment systems, embedded system security and many
other topics.

Andrea Barisani
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