Piyush Verma

CTO @ Last9.io

Piyush Verma is cofounder and CTO at Last9.io, a SRE platform which is aimed at minimizing the toil that SREs and decision makers need to go through to reduce the time to take a decision.

Earlier, he led SRE @ TrustingSocial.com to produce 600 million credit scores a day across 4 countries.
In his past life, he built oogway.in, datascale.io, and siminars.com.

Piyush Verma
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Past Editions

Concurrency primitives of Golang. How to use and how not to.

Every marginally, sophisticated Golang code that I write needs refactoring to solve race and deadlocks. The concurrency primitives like atomic, sync, channels, and waitGroups have their uses and fail. The lack of understanding ends up with a lot of rewrites. This talk aims to solve that.

Building Domain Specific Contexts using DSLs in Golang

DSLs are an amazing way to join ease and control of a Config and the extensibility/reusability of code. One such example is Terraform which is built on HCL. The Session shows building, testing, and distributing one such DSL to unify Metric alerting using datatypes and functions exposed via DSL.


HTTP has been around since start of internet. Infact there is 2.0 of it. The talk is a deep dive of HTTP 1.1 and 2.0 spec, all that we don't know of it and code samples in Go to demonstrate it.

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