Agenda GoLab edition 2018

GoLab agenda 2018 edition


Speaker: Cassandra Salisbury

Lightining Talks

Speaker: Słomka, Czygan, Masi, Rücker, Paolinelli, Falzoi, Lehner


Speaker: Bill Kennedy

Go on Fuchsia OS

Speaker: Edo Scalafiotti

Emulating a Nintendo DS in Go

Speaker: Giovanni Bajo

Go Hardware Go!

Speaker: Mirko Mariotti

Computer Vision Using Go And OpenCV 3

Speaker: Ron Evans

An embedded soft real time system in Go

Speaker: Mirko Damiani

How interfaces saved our life

Speaker: Luca Cipriani

Are we inclusive yet? (Diversity Panel)

Speaker: C.Salisbury, A.Bernardi, C.Andoh, E.McHugh

Implementing Software Machines in Go and C

Speaker: Eleanor McHugh

Goroutines: the dark side of the runtime

Speaker: Roberto Clapis

Decoding invalid base64 with state machines

Speaker: Anna Bernardi

Project layout patterns in Go

Speaker: Massimiliano Pippi

Go tricks from the trenches

Speaker: Yoan Blanc

Gomacro: code generation made easy and fun

Speaker: Massimiliano Ghilardi

Debug like a pro on Kubernetes

Speaker: Gianluca Arbezzano

Unit Testing Code with Hard-to-Mock Dependencies

Speaker: Adam Wolfe Gordon

Go as a scripting language in Linux

Speaker: Ignat Korchagin

Production Ready Go service in 30 minutes

Speaker: Florin Pățan

Go for the Long Game

Speaker: Carmen Hernandez Andoh

Bad gophers: unexpected hurdles programming in Go

Speaker: Francesco Romani

CGo for fun and profit (read pain and suffering)

Speaker: Muhammad Rauf

Fast messaging with Nats and Go

Speaker: Federico Paolinelli

Building a packet based high performance proxy for a telco

Speaker: Jorge Lorenzo

Building great APIs with gRPC

Speaker: Paweł Słomka

Applying serverless architecture pattern to distributed data processing

Speaker: Denys Makogon

Orchestration of microservices

Speaker: Bernd Rücker

Building a DIY proxy with the net package

Speaker: Filippo Valsorda

Go implementation of DNS Load Balancing at CERN

Speaker: Pablo Saiz

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