Massimiliano Pippi

Software Developer @ Data Dog

Software developer for over 10 years, more than half spent working on scientific visualization and backend software for a private company, using C++ and Qt technologies. Then a lot of Python, Django and web related applications. I can ops. Open source advocate and active contributor, documentation fanatic, speaker at conferences (for the ❤ of sharing). I wrote a book once.
Currently at Datadog, where I’m allowed to play with high scalable systems, a wide number of different technologies, open source stuff, Python and Golang.

Massimiliano Pippi
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Past Editions

Project layout patterns in Go

You completed the tour, learned the language, got your pet project on Github. Time to start a new project, a big one: how do you organize code, tests, docs? During the talk I’ll try to save you some trial and error by sharing the lessons learned during a year spent coding a non trivial Go project.

How to port your Python software to Go without people noticing

Success stories about rewriting Python applications in Go are not big news anymore. The pros and cons are well known, best practices are in place, the standard library is there to help. But what if there’s some Python code you would like to keep or worse, some you can’t get rid of?

Python - Golang, sola andata

Recentemente si è diffuso in Rete un certo trend di notizie che vedrebbe protagonisti sempre più sviluppatori Python intenti nel migrare a Go attraverso storie di successo; sebbene non esistano statistiche che aiutino a definire esattamente la portata del fenomeno, è comunque palpabile nella comunità Python l’interesse suscitato da Go.

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