How Go taught me to love building apps again

Building apps is tough and involves lots of languages to reach multiple platforms - unless you build them with Go and let the tools do the hard work!
This talk covers the joy I experienced when starting to build graphical apps using Go and how any developer can feel the same with the Fyne toolkit.


Intro - 1min

App development is complicated, each platform requiring a different programming language and learning a new set of tools. Many languages have claimed to be cross-platform before, but with Go we have a really top-grade programming environment that can build for all platforms.

The frustrations of app development - 3min

This section summarises the complexities and difficulties in building apps for many platforms. From language variety, to learning the tools and distributing - a quick summary of the pains that hold back many developers

Go provides a delightful alternative - 3min

Most attendees will already know the pleasure of developing using Go, but may not be building graphical apps. These slides show that Go's ideology and design applies well in this area too.

A new hope for app devs (Go and Fyne) - 6min

Many toolkits are available for app development, but only one can be the most popular! This section covers the design and ambition of the Fyne project, showing how it matches the Go idioms and design. It covers how the historically difficult aspects of app development are completely removed by this API and approach.

Your first app in just minutes - 7min

A quick description of the setup, coding, and build tools for your first app. With example code this section demonstrates each step to build an app that runs on the local computer, your mobile device, and how to upload it to stores.

Going further - graphical capabilities - 6min

Outlining the capabilities of Go and Fyne APIs to build complete user interfaces. From the built-in graphical promitives and widgets to the dialogs that are provided.

Going further - storage, data and system abstractions - 6min

To round out a platform agnostic app we look at how APIs provide simple abstractions for file storage and data binding. We also look at specific operating system capabilities such as system tray and notifications.

So many possibilities - 4 min

To close there will be examples of various popular apps using these technologies. And a short bit of inspirat



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