Benjamin Bryant

Go Developer Advocate @ JetBrains

Benjamin Bryant was a backend engineer that used Go over the past 5 years of his career and has found the projects he’s most enjoyed working on, were those that involved leaving a positive impact on others. Hence why he is now taking his first tentative steps into the Developer Relations world.
From standup comedy, to acting, to podcasts, to writing a fantasy novel that received a 5-star review from his mother, to now running one of the largest Go Meetups in Europe. Benjamin is never one too shy from putting his foot forward. And he is confident in his ability to grow from his experiences and help others along the way.

Benjamin Bryant
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This edition

Understanding the successes and pain points of different testing strategies
November 20 2023 - 13:30 (60 min )

Do you enjoy testing? Some say yes, some say no, but for most I believe the most ‘senior’ answer is ‘it depends’.

So, what are the variables that determine this? Culture? Code? Something else beginning with C?  This is what I’ve spent the past few months investigating, so come join me and find out!

Understanding the successes and pain points of different testing strategies
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