Understanding the successes and pain points of different testing strategies

Do you enjoy testing? Some say yes, some say no, but for most I believe the most ‘senior’ answer is ‘it depends’.

So, what are the variables that determine this? Culture? Code? Something else beginning with C?  This is what I’ve spent the past few months investigating, so come join me and find out!


This year I did something I thought I’d never do: read a book about testing in Go and complete my Red Dead Redemption 2 Domino Solver side-project.
Now, funnily enough, I do believe both are actually related.
Well, you’ll have to see the talk to find out!
Testing isn’t easy, but does it have to be hard?
I understand that’s an oxymoronic statement, but through interviews and real life accounts of developers at different skill levels ranging from the Junior to SRE (and possibly a CTO, if they reply to my emails), I aim to understand what factors can determine the enjoyability of testing a piece of code. Be it as a solo dev, in a team, or like in a really, really big team. From teeny tiny unit tests to contract testing a bunch of microservices, from Test-Driven Development to whatever the opposite of that is called, testing is inevitable.
Heck, if you’ve written a program and checked the outcome, that is a test (and, I’d wager it as the most popular option) !

If there’s one thing I’d want to be the takeaway from this talk is this:

Understanding why, with testing, some see it as a chore, some see it as a bore, and some say “Neigh! All the more!"



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