Agenda Golab edition 2021

GoLab agenda 2021 edition

“Advanced Go” course

Tutor: Fabio Falzoi

28-29 October

Baker: a story about building Big-Data pipelines in Go

Speakers: Giovanni Bajo and Valentino Volonghi

30 September

Go Profiling from Bottom Up

Speaker: Felix Geisendörfer

1 July

Building Go backends with superpowers

Speaker: André Eriksson

17 June

‘Beginning with Go’ course

Speaker: Aurélien Rainone

10-11 June

Concurrency primitives of Golang: how to use and how not to

Speaker: Piyush Verma

13 May

Train and deploy TensorFlow models in Go

Speaker: Paolo Galeone

29 April

Your first Go project – from zero to hero

Speaker: Fabio Falzoi

25 March

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