Paolo Galeone

Computer Engineer @ Freelancer

I’m Paolo Galeone, a Computer Engineer that’s always been in love with the IT world.
As soon as I started developing software I understood that the most important part of any system is the data that it collects. So, I started being interested in the data-world: high-dimensional, structured, unstructured, big and small data and the way to store, manage and analyze them. I focused my struggling on how to efficiently store and analyze any type of data and I found the Computer Vision domain a good training bench for a better understanding of this world. The willing of understanding data brought me to focus on Machine Learning and more specifically on Deep Learning.
I spend several hours a day studying new topics and answering questions about them on StackOverflow. I found that answering tech-related questions really helps to verify if I have a very deep understanding of the topic.
I’m a strong Open Source supporter and I work exclusively on Linux systems.

Paolo Galeone
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Past Editions

Train and deploy TensorFlow models in Go

The final step of the machine learning workflow is the deployment to production. In this phase, we want the trained model to be deployed on a device, but more than often the device has an entirely different runtime environment with respect to the one used during training.

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