2023/11/13 Talk timing, backup questions, tail shot for diversity

1. The standard time for the presentation is 40min + 10min Q&A + 10min room change.

You can do something with the first 50 minutes, like 35+15 or 45+5, depending on your content or presentation style, but please leave the last 10 minutes as a buffer time for movement and interaction.

2. If you will, we usually suggest that the speaker tell us a few questions that the room manager can ask at the end of the talk, in case the audience is still mumbling. With this trick in hand, the ice is broken after the first question and everything goes well.

3. We know that diversity is hard in a reality where the demographics are so skewed, BUT we can always provide a role model for new generations of developers. If you know someone from an underrepresented group who might be interested in presenting a lightning talk, please let them know that we value their experience!

2023/11/07 Important Information for GoLab + RustLab 2023 Speakers

This page is the main source of truth from now until the day of the conference!

1. Emergency Contact Details: If you haven't already done so, please provide us with a quick way to contact you in case of an emergency. Rest assured, we'll only use this information in exceptional situations, and it will be deleted after the conference. You can send this information to info@golab.io / info@rustlab.it .

2. Office Hours with the Editorial Team: We've already had the pleasure of speaking with some of you, but if you'd like our feedback or have questions, you can book an office hour with our editorial team. Use the following link to schedule a convenient time: Link to Office Hours Schedule.

3. Submission of Presentation Slides: To ensure that your presentation is accessible and to provide quick feedback, we kindly request that you send us your presentation slides by November 13th. If you have a draft available now, feel free to share it earlier. This will give us a bit more time for review and optimization. (edit: talks are 40min + Q&A + room change = 1h)

4. Hacking Night on November 19th: On November 19th, we're hosting a Hacking Night at the conference site. It's an unstructured event where mentors will host tables of about six people. We encourage you (or a friend you know who might have something interesting to say) to join us as a mentor and share your knowledge on a topic you're passionate about. Whether it's an open source project, an artistic performance, or a discussion, your expertise will be valued. Food will be provided. To sign up as a mentor or to spread the word, please use the following link: Mentor Sign-Up.

5. Lightning Talks Submission: Do you have a quick and exciting idea or topic you'd like to share with the GoLab + RustLab 2023 community through a Lightning Talk, or do you know someone who might have something to share? We encourage you to submit your proposals or sponsor a proposal using the form below: Link to Lightning Talks Submission.

6. Dinner at Torcicoda on November 20th - How to Request Your Free Ticket: Would you like to attend the social event? It’s free for you! If you'd like to participate, please send us an email at info@golab.io or info@rustlab.it with the subject “Yes, I want to attend!” and we will provide you with a free pass. If you plan to bring a partner or a friend, they will need to register for a paid ticket here.

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