Turning Git commits into changelog with Git-Cliff

Are you tired of updating the changelog file for each release of your project? Introducing git-cliff, the command-line tool written in Rust that aims to automate the process of generating your changelog based on conventional commits, saving you time and effort. Let's see how it works!


Changelog files record the notable changes for software projects and they are an important part of the release process. What if I told you, you can automate generating these files and save yourself some time by using git-cliff?

Git has become the defacto standard as a distributed version control and source code management tool. Over the years, many projects adopted the conventional commit approach for adding human and machine-readable meaning to the commit messages. git-cliff takes advantage of this and turns the commit messages into beautiful changelog files. Although it is a command-line tool written in Rust, it can be integrated with a variety of software projects including Python and Node.js. It uses regex-powered custom parsers and supports extensive configuration for adoption by any type of project that uses Git.

In this talk, I will be sharing the story behind git-cliff, implementation details with certain design choices, and most importantly how to work with Git objects using Rust. Also, I will be sharing examples of how to use git-cliff and integrate it with your project.

Additionally, I will be giving tips on creating a successful command-line tool in Rust and publishing it as open source.



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