The feeling of fast code

Can you feel the speed of your code? How do you optimize things that seem impossible to optimize? What are the acceptable tradeoffs for a speed increase?
There are a ton of questions when dealing with optimizing code. Let's try to structure our approach to writing fast code to get answers!

Golab #1
60 min
November 21st, 2023


Computers are getting faster all the time. But loads seem to increase even faster than computers. So fast and responsive code is still a very important aspect of software engineering.

Aside from the regular things that are taught in Computer Science how does fast code feel? And details change all the time. How do we find out what is current and what is out-dated information on writing efficient code? How do we design systems to be scalable from the beginning?

In this talk we will look at what makes fast code, from management level to assembly code. We will look at strategies and mindsets for creating responsive systems. We will touch on data flow as well as horizontal and vertical scaling.

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