Test-Driving HTML templates

After a decade or more where Single-Page-Applications generated by JavaScript frameworks have become the norm, we see that server-side rendered HTML is becoming popular again, also thanks to the emergence of libraries such as HTMX or Turbo. Writing a rich web UI in a traditionally server-side language like Go is now not only possible, but a very attractive proposition.

LEVEL: Intermediate

GoLab Discovery
25 min
November 12th, 2024


We then face the problem of how to write automated tests for the HTML parts of our applications. While the JavaScript world has evolved powerful and sophisticated ways to test the UI, ranging in size from unit-level to integration to end-to-end, in other languages we do not have such a richness of tools available.

It is certainly possible to test the UI indirectly through end-to-end tests, but those tests are slow and expensive. In this session we will see how to write fast, laser-focused unit tests on our HTML templates, to prevent subtle (or not-so-subtle) errors that can be overlooked by manual or end-to-end testing.

The technique is simple and fun, based on standard Go templates and with the help of the goquery library.


A useful technique for those developing web applications in Go


With a little luck, the topic will be supported by an article I'm writing for Martin Fowler's website.

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