In the beginning it was about the metal, now is about the web: exploring webassembly in cloud environments

Thanks to its system interface (WASI), webassembly (WASM) is out loose and hitting the server side, the cloud native applications, the container world. And what's in common? All domains where Go runs strong.
Let's explore what we can do today and what's ahead, of course, using Go!

Golab #2
60 min
November 20th, 2023


WASI is a modular system interface for WebAssembly (WASM). This means WebAssembly is no longer confined in the browser, but it's becoming a contender on the server side. The promise of being even more lightweight and even more portable than containers is too interesting to be neglected, so support for WASM using WASI is making its way in [docker](, [container runtimes]( and in [Go itself]( and maybe also soon in [Kubernetes](

In this talk, we'll explore this exciting landscape.
What WASI enables us to do?
What the limitations are?
How we can compile Go code in WASM?
How we can consume WASM modules from out Go application?
And we will also look at the clouds: which benefits will WASM bring over containers?
How can we use it in Kubernetes?
The audience will walk away with head start about using WASM together with Go and perhaps Kubernetes, and with a new perspective about the upcoming iteration of software portability and delivery.

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