How to write a programming language and shell in Go with 92% test coverage and instant CI/CD

Have you wondered how terminal shells work? Do you want to create your own programming language? This talk is for you! We will look at Elvish, a shell and built in Go with a full-fledged programming language. We will dive into how its implementation as well as testing and CI/CD strategy.

LEVEL: Intermediate

GoLab Deep
40 min
November 12th, 2024



In this talk I will share my experience of developing a programming language and shell (Elvish, in Go.

The talk will cover the following topics:
- A quick intro to Elvish itself, showing its full-fledged programming language and interesting interactive features
- A dive into Elvish's interpreter, as a case study of how to implement a dynamic language interpreters in Go. This will include topics like:
- How I implemented a tree-walking interpreter and static analyzer in Go
- How I avoided reinventing the wheel by leveraging Go's types and standard libraries
- How I used Go's concurrency primitives to implement shell semantics like pipelines
- Techniques for testing Elvish, including:
- Testing Elvish as a programming language: how I invented a simple DSL and a VS Code plugin to make writing interpreter tests smooth and painless
- Testing Elvish as an interactive shell: A framework for writing terminal "UI tests" in Go
- Building a CI/CD pipeline from scratch with Go and Elvish: Elvish's main website ( and prebuilt binaries ( are updated at every Git commit, by a mix of Go programs and Elvish scripts. I will share my techniques and experience building the pipeline.

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