Nic Jackson

Developer Advocate @ HashiCorp

Highly motivated to create the finest technological offerings electronically possible.
Author of Service Mesh Patterns, a book that looks at patterns and operational best practices to help you deploy and use service meshes in a way that meets your company's goals and needs. To be released May 2022.
Author of Building Microservices in Go, a book that teaches the best practice approach for developing microservices using the Go programming language.
Co-Author of Shipyard (, a tool for creating complex local development environments with Docker.
My passion is teaching technology, when not writing, I enjoy spending time making videos for my YouTube channel "All things microservices". Unbelievably this little channel has grown to nearly ten thousand subscribers, something I never dreamed of when I started that first live stream.
Outside of technology I enjoy cycling, running and raising money for a charity I run with my wife.

Nic Jackson
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Past Editions

Patterns to avoid cascading failure in highly distributed systems

The one thing that we can be certain of is that at some point things are going to go just a little bit wrong, gracefully degrading functionality is far better than a complete outage and in this talk you will learn the software patterns that allow you to break softly.

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