Francesc Campoy Flores

Software Engineer @ freelancer

I am a Software Engineer with a passion for Developer Experience, Product Management, and Developer Relations. I love building tools that make developers more productive and happier.
Until quite recently, I was the VP of Product and Developer Relations at Dgraph Labs.
Previously, I was a Developer Advocate for the Go team at Google and for Google Cloud Platform.
I’ve been working closely with the Go team at Google since 2012, and my goal has always been to make the language as accessible as possible to everyone. And even after I left Google, I became a Google Developer Expert.

Francesc Campoy Flores
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Past Editions

Keynote: Lessons from the context package

The context package is Francesc's current favorite package in the standard library. This talk will cover why the context package is, while simple, full of subtle lines of code. There's many lessons to be taken from the design of the package, and some of them might be applicable to your next Go project.

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