Speaker’s guidelines and FAQ

Speaker’s guidelines and FAQ

Here are some of the most common questions we got from you speakers.

Is there any suggested video format or layout?

The suggested video format is mp4, 720p, codec h.264. We suggest reserving a lower bar of the video for the possible presence of subtitles (~⅕ of the height). Just to keep a graphic coherence, please use our media kit. You can find it here.

Is there a specific template I must use for the slides of my presentation?

No, there is a template we kindly ask you to use, you can find it here. However, you are free of creating your slides as you prefer, though we ask you to follow the rules in our media kit for accessibility reasons. This is important, please download the conference media kit.

It is not permitted to promote products, services, or companies in presentations (except for sponsored talks). It is not permitted to use company logos in your presentation slides.

How does the speaker login work on your website?

All the accepted speakers will receive a guide reporting all the login procedures and the details of the web tool you’ll need. The guide will be delivered the week before the event.

Which tools will I be able to use as a speaker during my speech? 

You’ll have a whiteboard, a notepad to live share with all attendees, a chat channel with the whole audience. You’ll obviously be able to share your desktop and to upload and play any kind of multimedia file (images, PDFs, videos max 500Mb). You’ll have more information in the guide we’ll send to all the accepted speakers the week before the event. 

Which are the supported browsers?

For desktop users: the latest official version of Chrome, Firefox, Safari, Edge, or Opera.
For mobile users: the latest official version of Chrome, Firefox.
Important note for speakers: screen sharing is supported using Chrome or Firefox only.

Do I have to log-in before my session starts?

We suggest you to log-in 30’ before your session starts in order to prepare you for the session and to meet the room staff and solve any eventual technical problems you might run into. 

Will there be some kind of staff helping me out during my session? 

Of course there will be. We’ll have a talk manager who will present you and your speech and one (or maybe more) staff members who’ll take care of the rec starting, Q&A, technical details and problems. 

During the talk and Q&A, there will be a chat or something? 

Yes, there will be a moderated (Q&A) and private chat.

Can we as speakers contact the participants? 

We are open for discussion about questions or polls on social media and our Discord server regarding your talk/workshop. Later on, you’ll be able to contact the participants registered for the workshop and suggest a setup or ask questions.

Can we contact you about the structure and contents of the talk/workshop? 

Yes! Definitely! We are happy to support you in defining the content. We have some feedback from the past edition of the conference and we can book a video call to review your speech before going live. 

Will I receive any kind of feedback after my speech?

Sure. After ending an event we can send you a detailed report that contains the number of attendees during the event, how they joined it, how they rated your event.

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