Daniele Maccioni

Project Manager @ Develer

This Code Monkey is on a mission to save mankind, one line of code at a time.
Between web projects and embedded projects, from graphic interfaces to backend, from code to leading teams, he probably intended “full stack” in a broader sense than usual.
During his free time, he tries to convince his colleagues to adopt SCRUM and clean architectures (and he programs for Commodore 64 too).

Daniele Maccioni
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Past Editions

Writing a microservices-based webapp with Go

Monolithic servers are the past. The future is in the hands of microservices-based structures! It’s time to dive into the microservices approach to learn its principles and its strengths (and maybe its weaknesses too!).

Goroutine 101

"Concurrency" è la parola chiave per capire e per apprezzare pienamente il Go, grazie ai potenti strumenti che il linguaggio ci fornisce. Niente thread, o lock, o mutex, solo Go. In questo talk vedremo passo passo quali feature il Go ci mette a disposizione per entrare facilmente nel mondo della programmazione parallela e concorrente: le goroutine e i channel.

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