Newbie speaker?


Become a speaker at GoLab!

Do you have something to say but don’t feel ready to speak at a conference?
Have you ever spoken in front of 300 people before and you feel intimidated?
We think you are in good company; most of the speakers, even the most run down ones, experienced and started with the same feeling. For your part, you will still have to take a bold leap of courage.
But you won’t be alone: you’ll have a teammate on your side. We have planned to offer time and resources to help new speakers to become the best they can be.

The first step is to fill out the CfP
, be precise, but don’t be afraid to express your doubts, the first dialog will start while the CfP is still open.
Once the CfP is closed, you’ll soon know if your talk has been accepted and you’ll be notified of our office hours.
During these office hours, we're going to talk about the basic structure of your talk and define a good outline that fits both your ideas and what we think will be interesting and engaging for the audience. We’ll help you define the target audience, a rough timeline, the introduction, and the conclusion.
After this first call, you’ll start iterating on your talk. We are happy to answer any questions you may have, just contact the editorial team by email or ask for a call if needed.

About a month before the conference, we’ll start asking for the slides; this step is necessary to give you feedback on both typography and colors. The outline should be OK from the previous iteration, but we can still discuss some minor changes together, if you want.
A week or two before the conference, we’ll ask if you’re interested in a live rehearsal of your talk. Online or in our offices, if you prefer. At this stage, the most important thing for you is to be ready to speak in front of a real audience.
We will share what we think are good online resources for preparing a talk. Also consider getting some feedback from your colleagues, they may be in the conference target audience too, maybe invite them 🙂
Once you feel confident with your talk, we’ll have another option for all speakers: testing the stage in advance, maybe just the introduction. This will help a lot to start the talk at your best with the full audience.
We're waiting hopefully for your talk proposal: click on the button and good luck!

Submit your talk proposal!

GoLab is a conference made by Develer.
Develer is a company based in Campi Bisenzio, near Florence. Our motto is : "Technology to give life to your products". We produce hardware and software to create exceptional products and to improve industrial processes and people's well being.
In Develer we have passion for the new technologies and we offer our clients effective solutions that are also efficient, simple and safe for the end users. We also believe in a friendly and welcoming environment where anybody can give their contribution. This passion and this vision are what we've been driven to organize our conference "made by developers for developers".

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