Call for proposal

Call for proposal

GoLab is an all-round conference on Go programming which began in 2015. It is organized by Develer, a software house based in Florence, Italy.
This year’s edition will have a completely new format. Not a one-off conference but a series of events focused on Golang throughout the year.
From March, it will be possible to attend online webinars, workshops, ask-me-anything, live-coding and courses.

Conference date: the first event is scheduled for March, other online events will follow throughout the year.

CFP closing: the 2021 call for proposal is now closed. The 2022 CFP will open later this year.


You can submit proposals on any subject among the following topics, or propose new ones related to the Go programming language world for subjects which are not listed:

    • Driver linux / Kernel interfacing
    • GUI
    • Continuos integration with Go
    • Generics
    • Machine Learning
    • Runtime/scheduler/GC
    • Testing/Mocking
    • Concurrency / Parallelism
    • Debugging Profiling and analysis applications

If you work in these areas, you are an expert in a particular technology, or feel you can say something interesting on one or more of the topics listed above, go ahead: propose a talk!
If you’ve got a particularly interesting talk that doesn’t target one of the proposed topics, feel free to submit it anyway and we’ll be happy to consider it.

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